Monday, February 9, 2009

Intro Post: What is this blog for?

Hello All, :-)

I've been thinking about starting another blog for a while and seeing what I can put into it. For the moment, this is going to be kind of a catchall of thoughts, links, security bytes and whatever else.

I recenlty went to Shmoocon and met some great people there. At one of the after con gatherings, I met some of the DC Security Space bloggers and podcasters. They podcasted from the con and did something called FireTalks that I will go into in a future post. Anyway, one of the ideas behind FireTalks is to give back to the community. Part of giving back is to give insight and to get your ideas out. In this way, you enrich the community and hopefully get something out of in in the process.

Anyway, the idea of giving back and seeing if anyone will even listen is why I am starting this. That and a place to share some of the junk that is floating around in my head. :-)